2020 IKEA Catalog – Page 11

Page 11 of the 2020 IKEA Catalog

This image is taken from page 11 of the 2020 IKEA Catalog. To me, the design of this page is utilitarian, clean, and versatile. It looks good both in print media and on screens.

The grid structure of the catalog

The page is designed in a way that it reads from top to bottom. The two illustrations at the top capture the reader’s attention with a crisp, clean shot of furniture, and a warm picture of a couple indicating happiness. As the reader reads from top to bottom, more detail is provided both of the image and the furniture in a smaller text later. This shows the clear hierarchy of information from top to bottom with a classic newspaper-like grid structure.

Ever since 2010, Ikea started to use Verdana for all of their materials and this catalog is no exception. An Ikea spokeswoman mention that the decision to use Verdana is because it is “more efficient and cost-effective” and that “it’s a simple, modern-looking typeface.” While it is clean and utilitarian, a number of fans were extremely disappointed by the use of this font. To me its a good move on IKEA’s part because it gives them the flexibility they need.

Color palette of the page

The usage colors that they used in this page is also utilitarian. Most of the colors that they used are of the purplish pastel tones, which are elegant yet unintimidating. The text and diagram are printed in classic black and white to emphasize readability.

The design of this page is interesting to me because it is effective at sending the right message, and it does so in an elegant manner.

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