Plants on Plants on Plants on Plants

This week’s fabrication challenge is to create something out of two different material that is not plywood nor acrylic.

My idea is to create something out of natural materials. The first thing that popped into my head was wood and cork. However, after some soul searching, I landed into an idea to create a plant vessel that is made entirely out of plant-based materials. I made my plant vessel out of bamboo, cotton, cork, paper, and ceramic.

Starting Materials

I started with a pre-made bamboo box and tried to wrap some cotton cloth around it and fasten it with glue. This proved to be harder and more time consuming than I thought.

Gluing the cotton cloth into the box

After the cotton was successfully wrapped around the box, I cut some cork to put on the top and bottom as decoration. The bottom piece I cut using a sharp knife, and the top piece I cut using the laser cutter. I wanted to play around with different methods to try to understand how the material responds.

Box with cork put on top and bottom

After the glue on the cork is set, I put some succulents inside. The succulents already come with a ceramic pot, and I thought that it played well with the theme so I decided to keep it. Also, I added some crumpled brown paper to serve as a filler. Originally I wanted to use little rocks, but I wasn’t able to procure it in time.

This is what the final product looks like. I’m pretty happy with the result. This will live in my room from now on.

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