ICM Week 2 – Psychedelic Dartboard

For this week’s experiment, I was inspired by lava lamps.

Another inspiration

I wanted to create something calming and has some sort of slow-moving animation. This is what I’ve come up with. Try playing around with the sliders for some effect.

One thought on “ICM Week 2 – Psychedelic Dartboard”

  1. Nice! Take a look at some of these examples for lavalamp motion.

    This one is in Processing, which is the Java version of p5. So the ideas can be easily ported over.

    This one is in GLSL, but it gives you an idea of what’s possible with using noise! Uncomment line 36 and let it run for a little bit.

    Here’s the p5 noise reference, and some additional reading on it
    https://natureofcode.com/book/introduction/ (see section on perlin noise)

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